Friday, May 02, 2008

paddling with one oar?

"What happens if you try to paddle a boat using only one oar? You go around and around in circles. If you paddle hard, you go fast. If you paddle slowly, you turn gently. But you still just go around in circles. It’s the same with trying to make study replace faith or trying to exercise faith but without study. We can often find ourselves just going around in circles. I think that the Holy Ghost cannot give us some answers until we are actively seeking knowledge."

—Chieko N. Okazaki
Ensign, Nov. 1994


TheHeapsClan said...

Hi, Im Becca. I ran across your blog...just surfing around...and ended up falling in love with your blog!!! It is AMAZING!! I will for sure be returning to read more of your posts! Please feel free to visit my family blog...which i am ashamed to say....its nothing compared to yours!!!


P.S. i hope you dont mind...I borrowed a few "quotes" from various Posts of yours!!

Debt Girl said...

Chieko really said it very well