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Move Over, Dumb Bunny!

PERSONALLY, I have nothing big against the Easter Bunny. BUT he sure can make it tricky for kids to be excited to learn about the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday. So I just thought I would SHARE the few cool ideas I DO know to make the REAL stuff interesting (and a little sweet!)!

Resurrection Cookies

1 cup whole pecans
1 teaspoon vinegar
3 egg whites
pinch of salt

1 cup sugar
zipper baggie
wooden spoon


1. Set oven to 300ยบ.

2. Place pecans in zipper baggie and beat them with
the wooden spoon to break into small pieces.

3. Put vinegar into a mixing bowl. Add the egg whites to the vinegar. Sprinkle a little salt into the bowl. Add 1 cup

4. Beat with mixer on high speed for
12 to 15 minutes until stiff peaks are formed.

5. Fold in the broken nuts.

6. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto wax paper covered cookie sheet

7. Put the cookie sheet in the oven, close the door, and turn the oven OFF.

8. Seal the oven door with a piece of tape.

9. The next morning open the oven and give everyone a
cookie. The surface will be cracked and the cookies are hollow.

10. Have the children help you and t
ell them the following story as you make the cookies.

The Resurrection Cookie Story

As they beat the nuts with the wooden spoon, explain to the children that, after Jesus was arrested, he was beaten by the Roman soldiers.

Before you put the vinegar in the bowl, let each child smell it and then explain that, when Jesus was thirsty on the cross, he was given vinegar to drink.

As you beat the egg whites, ex
plain that eggs represent life and how Jesus gave his life to give us life.

Sprinkle a little salt in
to each child's hand and let them taste.
This represents the salty tears shed by the followers of

When you add the sugar, explain that this is the sweetest
part of the story because Jesus loves us and wants us to know and belong to him.

Explain that the color white represents the purity in God'
s eyes.

As you mound the cookies onto the waxed paper, explain that the cookies represent the rocky
tomb where Jesus' body was laid.

When they put the tape on the oven explain that the tape represents how Jesus' tomb was sealed. Explain that they may feel sad to leave the cookies in the oven overnight. Jesus' followers were in despair when the tomb was sealed.

The next morning when they take a bite and see the cooki
es are hollow, explain how, on the first Resurrection day, his followers were amazed to find the tomb open and empty.


OR a shorter lesson, with rolls...

Resurrection Rolls

1 can refrigerated crescent roll dough

8 large marshmallows
Melted butter


Give each child one triangle shaped section of crescent roll. This
represents the linen used to wrap Christs' body.
Each child takes one marshmallow which represents the body of Christ.

Dip the marshmallow in the butter and roll in cinnamon and sugar mixture.
This represents the oils and spices the body was anointed with upon burial.
Lay the marshmallow on the dough and carefully wrap it around the

Make sure all seams are pinched together well. (Otherwise the marshmallow
will "ooze" out of the seams)

Bake according to package directions. (The oven represents the tomb.)

Break open the roll and the body of Christ is no longer there.

I really like these, particularly hidden in an actual easter egg hunt, but numbered. Just have the kids save them. A good way to bring them BACK to the real purpose for celebration. There are lots of versions online of these, or you may have a favorite scripture and a symbol you like to use. That's okay. But this is just one that was pretty good. They do SELL Resurrection Eggs, but this is how to MAKE them with plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store. Not bad for UN-commercializing Easter, eh? Hee hee!

TRUE Easter Eggs

This carton contains twelve plastic eggs. Each egg contains part of the Easter story, along with the appropriate item (except for the 12th egg, which should remain symbolically empty). The eggs are numbered (1 through 12). Simply open up the eggs in order to read the Easter story.

You can serve the eggs directly from this carton, in a decorated basket, or at each place setting at the dinner table. [Or in a real egg hunt like my family! Yay!]

This can provide a unique presentation of the often-heard Easter story. In addition to opening the eggs in order to tell the story, you can play a game of "scrambled eggs" by having players match the scripture to the appropriate item, or putting the story in sequence.

Egg 1: Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. He asked Heavenly Father to bless him. He did not want to suffer. He said to Heavenly Father, "If it be possible, let this cup pass from me." But Jesus wanted to obey Heavenly Father. He would suffer for all people who would repent of their sins.

Matthew 26:39-44
Plastic or Paper Cup

Egg 2: One of Jesus' 12 apostles, named Judas, made a deal with some wicked men. The wicked men wanted to hurt Jesus. They said they would give Judas 30 pieces of silver if he would show them where Jesus was. So Judas showed them where Jesus was, which was in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Matthew 26:14-16
3 Dimes or other Silver Coins

Egg 3: The wicked men took Jesus to the Pharisees (the ruling men of Jerusalem). The Pharisees tied Jesus up and took him to Pilate, the Roman leader.

Matthew 27:1-2
Knotted Twine

Egg 4: Pilate asked Jesus many questions. Pilate told the Pharisees that Jesus had done nothing wrong. Pilate wanted to let Jesus go, but the Pharisees hated Jesus. They said to Pilate, "Crucify him! Crucify him!" Pilate did not want trouble with the Pharisees, so he washed his hands (act out with the soap) in front of the people saying, "I am free of the blood of this just (good) person." Pilate let his Roman soldiers take Jesus to crucify him.

Luke 23:13-24
Chunk of Soap

Egg 5: The Roman soldiers took Jesus, took off all his clothes and put a red robe on him. They put a crown of thorns on his head. They made him hold a long green branch in his right hand. They made fun of Jesus, called him names and spit upon him. Then they took the long green branch and hit him on the head with it.

Matthew 27:28-30
Square of Red Felt

Egg 6: After the Roman soldiers had done all of these terrible things to Jesus, they took the robe off him and put his clothes back on him. Then they took him away to Calvary Hill. The soldiers lay Jesus on a wooden cross. They nailed his hands and feet to the cross.

Matthew 27:31-32
Toothpick Cross or Cross Charm or Tiny Nail

Egg 7: Jesus was on the cross. He prayed and asked Heavenly Father to forgive the Roman soldiers who crucified him because the soldiers did not know Jesus was the Savior. The soldiers took Jesus' clothes and played a game called "casting lots" to see who would win the clothes.

Luke 23:34-37
Pair of Dice

Egg 8: Jesus' mother and his disciples and friends were very sad. They loved Jesus very much. Jesus suffered on the cross for many hours. Then Jesus died. His spirit left his body. The sky was dark. There was a big earthquake. Rocks broke in pieces. The Roman soldiers were afraid.

Matthew 27:45-46, 50-54
Bag of crushed rock or potting soil

Egg 9: One of Jesus' disciples, named Joseph, took Jesus' body off the cross. He wrapped Jesus' body in a clean cloth and laid him in a tomb (a place where people are buried).

Matthew 27:57-59
Piece of White Cloth

Egg 10: After Joseph laid Jesus' body in the tomb, he rolled a big stone in front of the tomb so that Jesus' body would be safe.

Matthew 27:60

Egg 11: Jesus' body was in the tomb for 3 days. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to the tomb to anoint Jesus' body with sweet spices.

Matthew 28:2 and Mark 16:1-9
Bay Leaf or Other Herb

Egg 12: When Mary Magdalene and the other Mary got to the tomb, the stone was rolled away from the door. They looked inside the tomb, but Jesus' body was not there. They saw an angel who said, "Jesus is not here, for He is risen as he said." Jesus was resurrected! His body and spirit had come together again. He was alive again! Jesus promised that we, too, will be resurrected like Him. This is a very special gift that Jesus gave to us.

Matthew 28:1-6
Empty Egg

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